IT Security Training

We have developed a range of training programmes which cover a broad spectrum of current IT Security topics.  Some of the training modules qualify as CPD for different industry bodies (eg Credit Union CPD & Solicitor CPD)

Examples of training modules are

  • IT Security User Awareness Training
  • Management Incident Response Training
  • Digital Evidence Preservation
  • Customised training based on a customer’s IT Security policies & procedures

We would be happy to discuss your  IT Security training requirements.

Risk & Compliance Advisory

Exposure to IT Security Risk is a growing problem for most businesses.  We work with businesses of all sizes to ensure that the owners, board members and managers are aware of the particular issues that their network & data is most exposed to.

Scenario: Imagine that a serious IT Security breach has occurred and that you have to answer to the powers that be. If you have worked with us, you won’t look at them blankly wondering what you are going to say next! You will be armed with answers and will be in control of the situation.

IT Network Security Auditing

Regular network audits will uncover potential security threats on your business network. IT Security Network Audits should not be seen as a way to find fault, rather as a way to reduce business risk and improve business processes.

A network is a “live” entity with devices, people and data changing all the time. The only way to ensure that your network is protected is to carry out regular reviews.

It is also important to note that threats are changing all the time, so a system that was deemed to be secure in one audit may require additional protection when the next audit is carried out.

IT Security Incident Response

We are all familiar with the concept of First Aiders in a Health & Safety context at work.  Your IT network also needs “First Responders” people who know what to do when something goes wrong. Someone who knows how not to make the situation worse!

There is a “go-to” IT person in every business, someone who has a bit more knowledge and feels comfortable to try fixing and issue before they call IT.  Often this is a role that the person just grew into. We work with both IT Support Providers, In-House IT support experts and “go-to” staff to ensure that they have a plan in place to contain and manage an IT security threat so that it can be investigated fully.

Digital Investigations

Digital Forensic Investigations can be carried out on any device that stores data or connects to the internet.  For example we all have data stored on mobile phones, pcs, laptops, servers, in the cloud,  on memory sticks, ipods, external drives, cds, the list goes on and on.

When an incident has to be investigated, usually for HR or Legal reasons, it is vital that all relevant evidence is preserved and reported on appropriately.  It is not sufficient to simply copy data, it must be forensically imaged in a way that preserves the hidden information which will very often form a critical part of the report and the case.

Sometimes management asks that a digital investigation be carried out to put their mind at ease and clear an employee of suspicion that may have built up around them.

Digital Investigations can be used to prove innocence as well as confirm wrongdoing!

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